gut essen in Kötschach-Mauthen

When it comes to culinary delights, we are committed to tradition.

A traditional family business for over 40 years, situated between the two districts Kötschach and Mauthen.
Down-to-earth, genuine, homemade and good, that is our motto in our “Wirtshaus – Kuchl”. Regional products, expertly prepared by our chef to traditional dishes, according to the modern guidelines of healthy cuisine.
With our weekly menu, which changes almost every week, we bring this regionality and down-to-earthness to your plate.

The local product in our tavern “Kuchl” – our passion! “Kuchl” – unsere Passion!

Many famous classics of the Carinthian and East Tyrolean cuisine can be found on our menu. In addition to this down-to-earth food, we also like to combine it with dishes from the Mediterranean Italian neighbourhood. Depending on the season, we offer seasonal dishes ranging from asparagus in spring to mushrooms in summer, venison in autumn and Christmas delicacies.

Above all, however, is the use of local products. In the “Genusseck Kärntens” it is possible to scoop from the full.

From vegetables, to Gailtaler Almkäse and Lesachtaler Schaftskäse, the whole range of meat to local trout, East Tyrolean Henkele, Gurktaler air-dried bacon, white Gailtaler Polenta and, and, and ……

As with the preparation of your food in our “Wirtshaus-Kuchl”, the drinks are also predominantly local products offered

We spoil you gladly with local noble brandies, exclusively Austrian and Carinthian wines or in addition, with fruit juices whose fruit content amounts to 100%.

At the end of a good menu, a specialty from our coffee menu should not be missing. Only a few selected companies in Austria carry the high-quality coffee of the local small private roastery San Giusto. The gentle roasting process gives the coffee a particularly pleasant mild taste. With one of our homemade cakes? – of course a POEM!

In summer, our beautiful large natural guest garden, with many shady places invites you to linger.

Completely redesigned, and lovingly maintained by our long-time employee Hermine, it offers seating for about 80 people.

Due to its location directly next to the Gail river and the entrance to the Gailtaler cycle path in front of our house, this relaxing place is a popular meeting point for cyclists.

But also motorcyclists, hikers and also many transients like to take a rest under the big ash tree.
At the end of the day, a good glass of wine, or a cool beer, one enjoys after a long working day but gladly under the open sky!


Der Kinderspielplatz ist ein besonderes Reich – ganz speziell für unsere ganz kleinen Gäste!

Genießen Sie sonnige Stunden im schönen Gastgarten während Ihre Kinder den Spielplatz unsicher machen. Durch die Lage direkt nebenan, abgetrennt durch einen kleien Zaun, haben auch Mama und Papa die Möglichkeit, den Aufenthalt in unserem schönen Gastgarten unter dem großen Eschenbaum in Ruhe zu geniesen, während die Kinder unmittelbar daneben spielen können.

Natürlich gibts für Ihre Kinder eine tolle Kinderkarte mit feinen aber auch gesunden Gerichten.

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